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Biopharmaceuticals to treat patients that do not respond to conventional immunotherapy.

About Stimunity

Stimunity is a preclinical-stage startup company which develops best-in-class drugs on the STING pathway to activate the innate immune system. Our drugs stimulate patients' immune system to fight back infectious pathogens or cancer.

Our technology is based on high level academic research work from prestigious institutions: Institut Curie, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and University of Oxford.

We are hosted by Institut Curie and incubated by Paris Biotech Santé. We received the BIOVISION 2016 Catalyzer Biotech Special Award, and we are laureate of the i-Lab 2017 national competition

Our Team


Picture of Sylvain Carlioz

Sylvain Carlioz

CEO & Founder

Sylvain brings his background of Business Development & Licensing Manager for 6 years at the technology transfer office of Institut Curie, where he was involved in several licensing deals and startup projects. He also spent some time within the Novartis Venture Fund's team in an exchange program supported by the European Entente Health Program. He is an engineer by trainee (Grenoble INP) and he holds a business degree from University Paris-Dauphine.

Picture of Nicolas Manel

Nicolas Manel

Scientific Advisor & Founder

Dr. Nicolas Manel is Director of Research Inserm and is a team leader at Institut Curie which is specialized in the mechanisms of the innate immune system. Previously, he was a post-doc for 5 years at the University of New York with Pr. Dan Littman. He holds a PhD in virology from University of Montpellier, and is a former student of ENS Lyon. He has numerous publications in scientific journals: Cell (2003), Nature Immunlogy (2008), Nature (2010, 2011), Immunity (2013), Science (2015).


Picture of Jan Rehwinkel

Jan Rehwinkel

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jan Rehwinkel is a team leader at the University of Oxford. His laboratory is specialized on innate immune receptors and is part of the MRC Human Immunology Unit. Previously, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the Immunobiology Laboratory of Dr Caetano Reis e Sousa at Cancer Research UK. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology from EMBL in Germany. He has numerous publications in scientific journals: Science (2010), Nature Immunology (2010), Cell (2010), Blood (2013), Science (2015).

Picture of Sebastian Amigorena

Sebastian Amigorena

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Sebastian Amigorena is Director of Research INSERM, and head of the Immunotherapy Center at Institut Curie. His main scientific contributions in the last 20 years is related to antigen presentation in dendritic cells and immunotherapy. He is worldwide expert in this field, invited in more than 30 conferences (5 Keystone, 3 Gordon, 3 FASEB, ...) and with more than 150 publications. He has a senior European Research Council (ERC) grant and he is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization, a member of the American Association of Immunology, and a member of the French Scientific Academy.

Picture of Nicolas Manel

Damien Salauze

Business Advisor

Damien Salauze brings an extensive experience in drug-development gained in the pharmaceutical industry (Sanofi), and a strategic experience gained as CEO of Novagali Pharma, as CEO of Sepal Pharma, and as VC at Auriga Ventures. He holds a PhD from Institut Pasteur and a MBA from Insead.

The Technology

Immuno-modulator platform based on Virus-Like Particles

STING activates the dendritic cells and induces a cytotoxic T lymphocytes response against infectious pathogens or cancer. However, this pathway is challenging to activate. Small molecules do not penetrate through the cell membranes which requires high dose of drug and limits the drug to local injections. There is a way to do better.

Our Virus-Like Particle (VLP) vectorizes the best known STING activator, cGAMP. With this system we can achieve very high activation of the STING pathway, targets a specific cell type for systemic administration, and induces an immune response against infectious pathogens or tumors.

VLP Technology


Stimunity is pleased to announce that the company is laureate of the i-Lab 2017 national competition and receives 200k€ as a non-dilutive financing. Read the press release.

A French article focused on the development of our VLP-cGAMP platform. Read the article.

Stimunity, Institut Curie and Inserm are pleased to announce that the company has signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement on two key patents that cover Stimunity’s core technology VLP-cGAMP to develop new drugs in immuno-oncology. Read the press release.

Stimunity is today in, the leading digital media covering the European Biotech industry, used by over 45,000 people monthly to keep a watch on the business and innovations of biotechnologies. Read the article !

Stimunity is pleased to announce that the company has received a non-dilutive financing of 60k€ from Scientipôle Initiative to complete the proof-of-concept package. Read the press release.

Stimunity is pleased to announce that today the company has received the BIOVISION 2016 Catalyzer Special Award. This award was created to give some visibility to high potential startups and accelerate the fundraising process by putting them directly in contact with potential investors. Read the press release.

Stimunity is pleased to announce that the project was selected by the committee of Paris Biotech Santé (PBS). The incubation process is a major step for us to get access to initial funding, an access to PBS' network and securing lab facilities for the future.


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